In Ohio, we provide water damage restoration services.

Water damage restoration is a necessary evil in today's society. Whether your home has been flooded, has roof leaks, or has blown pipes, the need for water damage restoration services cannot be overstated. The good news is that there are firms that specialize in this type of work and offer a wide range of services to their clients.


We go above and beyond at Simple Safe Water Restoration to ensure that our customers are entirely satisfied. We offer a complete water damage restoration service in Columbus OH, and the surrounding areas, guaranteeing that your house is restored to its original condition when we're finished.



You should consider hiring us if you have had a water-related disaster on your property.


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What makes a water damage restoration service different from a water damage repair service?

A water damage restoration service (also known as water mitigation or water extraction) is a professional service that provides emergency services after a severe storm, a burst pipe, or another form of mishap. The service will pump out the water, allow for drying time to prevent mold growth, and restore the property and any broken components. If you engage a professional and licensed company, all of this will be done while protecting your property and possessions from further harm.


 Mold development and other issues in your property can be avoided by using a water damage restoration service. They can dry the afflicted areas, clean them to remove any leftover bacteria or viruses and dehumidify them before installing a humidity control system to prevent moisture problems in the future. This is especially important for preventing black mold (which is caused by water damage) and other problems.


With a water damage restoration service, you can protect your valuables, furniture, appliances, walls, flooring materials (such as hardwood), bathrooms/kitchen areas (even the pipes themselves). Even if you are not insured or covered by homeowner's insurance to pay for damages caused by black mold development or other troubles, a water damage repair service can help you avoid future problems and keep your property secure.



What are the advantages of enlisting the help of a water damage restoration company?

- It might have been caused by a flood or by water seeping from a pipe. Water damage, regardless of how it happened, can lead to major mold and mildew issues. It has the potential to cause structural issues.


- When you hire a water damage restoration business, they'll examine the issue and try to remove any standing water before drying the area completely. This helps to avoid further damage if you leave things alone, as well as making cleanup and restarting easier after everything has dried out.


- These pros will usually give cleanup services so that you may have your property back in working order as soon as possible and with the least amount of stress.


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